Monday, November 19, 2018

Debt Consolidation Guide - 5 Basic Steps to Consolidate Your Debts

Debt consolidation is a common practice to manage multiple loans and debts in a more effective way by combining them into single consolidation loan. But there are a few factors and considerations that you need to look into before you sign up a loan to consolidate your debts. The basic 5 steps that you must go through in the consolidation process are:

Step 1: Get & check your credit report

Knowing where you stand and how much you have owed is the first step in solving your debt problem. The first thing you should have is your credit report. You can get one free from one of the credit bureaus in your country. In the report, you will know your credit rating, how much you have owned, to whom you owe the money to and where you stand financially.

Step 2: Find a reputable debt consolidation service

You have many choices in selecting a debt consolidation company to help you consolidate your debt with a consolidation loan. But, it does not mean you can simply select one of them. Be aware that not all programs are created equally. When you shop around for the best debt consolidation package, you should particularly consider on how long the company have been in business, experience, reputation and their fees.

Step 3: Decide a consolidation program

Don't decide to participate into a debt consolidation program just because it looks good. You should compare different programs and list down their pros and cons to be compared side by side. After evaluate each debt consolidation program, finalize the one that gives you the most benefits. If a debt consolidation program that looks too good to be true, you should always check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure its trustworthy business.

Step 4: Select type of consolidation loan

Depending on your financial status, you may be eligible for more than one type of loan offered in the consolidation program. If you have hardship to make the minimum payments on your monthly balances because the amount is beyond your financial affordability, then you may want to look into a consolidation loan with longer repayment period that will lower your monthly repayment amount. Otherwise, if you are looking to ease the debt management and comfortable with your current monthly payment, then you might want a program with shorter repayment period. Regardless of the reasons you plan to consolidate your debt, you should make sure the fees involved in consolidating your debts are reasonable.

Step 5: Make loan repayment on time

After consolidating your debts into a consolidation loan, you now have one payment to focus on instead of multiple payments. What you have to do is make sure you make the loan repayment on time each month. You can choose to pay more if you have extra dollars so that you can clear the loan faster.


Debt consolidation is a common practice to combine your debts into a consolidation loan. The above 5 steps explain the important factors to be considered in the process of debt consolidation.

By: Cornie Herring
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cheap Debt Consolidation Loans - Inexpensive Way of Winning Financial Freedom

The rising cost of living can force you sometimes to overburden your pocket with loans. It may solve financial issues for the time being but eventually then they are to be paid back. Paying the interest rate on each loan is highly expensive. But it is not a cross that you have to bear. There are ways to overcome the rising costs of debt. Cheap debt consolidation loans are a way to start from.

More than one debt can lead to a very difficult cycle of unmanageable finances that is hard to break. Cheap debt consolidation loan is a loan taken to repay various pending loans like credit card debts, educational loans, utility bills and unsecured loans.

You barter your various debts for a single cheap debt consolidation loan. Make sure that debt consolidation loans are reducing the cost for the various loans. The success of debt consolidation depends on what loan types you are consolidating. Debt consolidation for credit card debts will always prove cheap as credit cards have high interest rates. While student loans debt consolidation would not be as beneficial for student loans already have lower interest rates.

Cheap debt consolidation loans are an assortment of financial rewards. The benefits with cheap debt consolidation loans -

o Reduction in monthly payments

o Decrease in interest rates

o Single payment for multiple loans

o Consolidation of credit card and utility bills

o Avoid bankruptcy

o Getting out of debt faster

o No more dealing with numerous loan lenders

o Saving money

There are a number of debt consolidation loan lenders online. With research and persistence you can find a lender who offers debt consolidation at cheap rates. Cheap debt consolidation loans are subjective, so when you see "cheap" interest rates, they may or may not apply to you. Cheap debt consolidation loans depend on the loan amount, loan term, type of rate (variable/fixed), and any related fees. Cheap debt consolidation loans are meant to reduce the cost of unsecured debts and to pay off the loans in shorter time span. Make sure your cheap debt consolidation loans are obliging to these requirements.

Collateralization is basic to finding debt consolidation loans at cheap rates. This security or guarantee is given to the loan lender so that in case of non repayment, this property can be used as a source of paying back the loan. With collateral, you can get debt consolidation loans with cheap interest rates as it reduces the risk for the lender. Collateral is generally in the form of real estate, vehicle or any other valuable assets. Usually real estate and vehicle are taken as collateral cause their value is easy to determine. A non repayment episode would mean that you might lose your assets. If a borrower can transcend other standards then cheap debt consolidation loans without collateral is also possible.

Credit history has a good share in finding cheap debt consolidation loans. A good credit score can spell wonders for someone who is searching for cheap interest rates for debt consolidation. However that does not mean that bad credit debt consolidation is not available at cheap rates. Loan lenders do understand that someone looking for debt consolidation might already be having credit problems. There are debt consolidation loans available at cheap rates for those with poor credit history. There are loan lenders who particularly deal with sub prime borrowers.

You can easily get quotes for Cheap debt consolidation loans from various loan lenders. You will get different quotes for the same collateral and money required thereby making it easy to compare. It will be easier to pick up a cheap debt consolidation deal that will serve value for your money. Debt consolidation is viewed as a positive effort universally. The fact that you are making an effort to repay your pending debts means that you will make an effort to repay your cheap debt consolidation loans also.

Cheap debt consolidation loans are a way to attain a financial status where one can again claim to be free of debt. Debt can help you with finances but an overburden of debt will anticipate difficult times. Unpaid debts are an indication of unresolved financial problems. Take heed of it and take adequate steps for its elimination. Cheap debt consolidation loans are a way towards it. It implies that they not only assure financial well being but will have restorative effects on your general life as well.

By: Amanda Thompson
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